iPieta for Android differs from that for the iPhone: (1) Android development is not conducive for a project with so much data. So we divided the data into four modules ($1 each) which interact seamlessly as if it was one app. (2) The Android version uses the menu button to quickly and effectively navigate within the app.

iPieta module contains the following:

Prayers, Bible, Novus Ordo Calendar, Traditional Calendar; these Catechisms: Baltimore Catechisms #1-3 (original public domain), Cat. of Christian Doctrine, Roman Catechism; Cat. of St. Thomas Aq.; Haydock's Biblical Comm, and and the Catena Aurea (St. Thomas Aq. compilation of the commentaries of the Gospels by the Fathers of the Church).

iPieta Spiritual / Church module contains the following:

Many classic spiritual works; the documents of the ecumenical councils; papal encyclicals since Pope Pius VI.

iPieta Summa Theologica / Nicene module contains the following:

The Summa Theologica (St. Thomas Aquinas) in both English and Latin (except for the Supplement which is English-only); Erdman's Nicene Fathers.

iPieta Ante-Nicene / St. Augustine / St. John Chrysostom module contains the following:

Erdman's collection of the writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, St. Augustine, and St. John Chrysostom.

iPieta Español module contains the following:

1) Los primeros cuatro botones superiores se aplican a este módulo. 2) Este módulo también tiene contenido en la tabla de V (Veritas). La Summa está en un diferente módulo.

iPieta Español Summa Theologica module contains the following:

1) Los primeros cuatro botones superiores no se aplican a este módulo; están para el primer módulo, el iPieta Español. 2) Este app se encuentra totalmente en la V tabla (V para Veritas); usted puede tener acceso rápidamente la Summa tocando "Summa" a la derecha de la V tabla. La Summa está en español y latín, a excepción del Suplemento que no se puede encontrar en español o latín en el public domain. El Suplemento es en inglés.

All modules will sell for $1. Please make sure you have an excellent wifi connection when downloading each module. Android memory management is not ideal for large apps like these, so please download one app at a time.


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