iPieta is a free Catholic app that contains many classic Catholic prayers and works for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iWatch), Mac, and Android operating systems. The content can be downloaded from the internet and will remain on the device unless the user removes it. Some of the content, especially the prayers, has free audio which can also be downloaded to the device.


The organization of content and the app’s features varies with the type of device. In general, the content is divide by Prayer, Bibles, Church Calendar, and Veritas. Veritas, which is latin for “truth”, contains  many classic doctrinal works. Although the extent of content is vast, particular data can be accessed quickly and easily by efficient navigation techniques including tabs, bookmarks, indexed tables, and search bars.

The app is limited by the availability of material with requisite permissions. Please contact us if you would like to have a work, which requisite permissions, included in iPieta. Although there is no advertising, in conformity with the principles in our Mission statement, we would be delighted to include appropriate credits and internet links to the source for the work.

Besides providing immediate access to data in the current language, iPieta also offers access to all the languages as described here.